Our Story

We believe that a good pair of sandals should be made by excellent materials and fit comfortably on foot.

We are making sandals almost 40 years now (since the early 1980s), and we are very experienced.  

We use greek made materials and assemble all of our sandals in house and by hand.  With a focus on comfort, durability and quality greek materials, 

we are proud to create sandals that reflect your values and lifestyle. 


Our Vision

GES Company was founded on a period that sandals wasn't on a high position in lifestyle and now we feel that we also made a small change to our world.

We make all of our sandals by hand, one step at a time. We believe in art and designed and produce sandals is a tradition that we're proud to continue.  



Our after sales support

We are pleased to offer repair services for the shoes we produce.  

If GES sandals are in need of a bit of repair stitching, send them to the shop and we'll have them back on your feet as soon as possible. 


Sandals with a heart

There's little more comforting than a pair of sandals that welcomes its wearer home or for a walk.  

You gonna love it


Our Family

All people that working in our company are proud and we are trying to keep them proud. Finally we are family.

After all this years of experience we believe we diserve your trust


Try our sandals and feel the diference


Best Regards,


Alexis Gesouras